Nov. 19th, 2006


Nov. 19th, 2006 04:12 pm
theranger: (ranger by azziriaicons)
How long has it been since he's slept out of doors and seen the sunrise, woken in the grey darkness of pre-dawn knowing instinctively that if he stayed awake he would see a scene of unique beauty?

He used to know how a morning would dawn, if clear, with the sky pale like an elven crystal, or foggy, with the rays of the sun having to use their warm strength to pierce the mists.
He would lie on the ground, wrapped in his cloak, and watch the sky put on a show and change above him. It felt magical... the way the day renewed itself seemed to give him the strength and faith he needed to start a new day and by the time the sun was fully up he was ready too.

His days dawn differently now, stretched in a comfortable bed under pleasantly warm covers. The soft light of dawn comes in from a window and doesn't have anymore the encompassing magic it seemed to have. Still, other things make up for what he has lost, and they are no less a source of strength and faith.

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