Jan. 27th, 2007

theranger: (ranger by azziriaicons)
I never thought I'd say this, but we're actually ahead. I've gone this way before and have been checking landmarks. By my calculations we're a full day ahead of where I thought - hoped - we would be by now. We've been making good time.."

Aragorn offers one of his so far rare grins, those grins that seem truly spontaneous and cheerful but are always made vaguely disquieting by the number of unusually sharp teeth on display.

"We could push on and gain further advantage... Or.." he adds, pausing for suspense and to savour the way some members of the Fellowship are desperately trying to hide hopeful looks, "we could stop and camp here for the day, rest, take it easy, sleep.. Stopping to regaining our strength now that we're ahead can mean having an advantage on the next leg of the way.."

Aragorn gives a circular glance to his companions, stopping on each face, lingering on one.

"I vote for stopping and enjoying some rest.." he says softly, looking away from green eyes, sure that they have caught his meaning and that the day will be good.

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