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Aragorn's favorite way to relax had always been to fill his old pipe with sweet pipeweed, light it, watch the flame consume the dried leaves pressed down into the chimney, and pull the fragrant smoke down into his lungs, savouring the scented burn of it before exhaling it slowly and watch the tendrils of smoke lift into the air.

While smoking, he had often felt that his cares were vanishing into the air as if trapped in that smoke. He knew that this was just a delusion, but as long as the herbs burned and the smoke floated away he could believe it and relax, letting his worries fall away from him.

When he vanished from Middle Earth and found himself in this new world, his pipe had been one of the things stored in the two leather packs he had with him, but his precious hoard of Longbottom Leaf was gone all too soon and he had found nothing to replace it with. They did have a kind of pipeweed that could be smoked in pipes similar to his own or rolled up into thin squares of paper, but it tasted nothing like the one he was used to and enjoyed. This had an acrid taste that left one's mouth feeling bitter and gave no satisfaction.

He had given up smoking, and found that is was far easier to relax by soaking in a tub of hot, bubbling water, with his arms wrapped around the one he loved and a glass of wine that tasted like liquid sunshine waiting for him on the edge of the tub.

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