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A ranger doesn't lose control, what's the use of losing control when he's mostly on his own and has no one to vent his rage onto?

Better store away all of that rage, all the unruliness and restlessness that now and then will try to take away from him the calm assurance a ranger needs to carry out his chosen duty, better let it drain from his body and go to some secret place inside him, a place that he can tap into when the enemy is before him and he needs all of his strength and more, when he needs to be blind and deaf to everything except the need to destroy the enemy and come out the winner.

Aragorn has no memory of losing control.. The anger, the fury, they had their place and stayed there, like well-trained war hounds waiting for the master's call. He would unleash them when needed, and once they had done their job they disappeared again inside him, as if they had never existed.

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