theranger: (Aragorn by Liars Dance)
My foster father, Elrond.

He gave me a home, the only one I knew, and he raised me along with his own sons and daughter. They were a family of sorts to me, especially after my mother died.
But I could often feel the weight of Elrond's gaze on me.. studying me.. assessing what I had in me and what I might to grow up to be..
He never tried to guide my choices, at least not until Arwen's eyes turned to me. After that everything changed and I had to make myself worthy of her. And only one thing could make me acceptable as Arwen's mate... the crown of Gondor.

That is what I would like to know... if Elrond truly believed if I was not worthy of her because of the person I was, or if he felt that the sacrifice of Arwen's immortality was such a huge one that I had to sacrifice something myself, give up the life I had chosen to life.

I have answered your question, now it is for you to answer the questions it raises.
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