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He had never been one for revenge. Revenge was a selfish waste of precious time in a world and time where once you got rid of a servant of the Dark there was already another one ready to stalk you. No time to stop and get even, no time to avenge lost ones that were dear to you.

So Aragorn had just gone on, always moving forward, never lingering, no time for grief, no time for regret, no time for revenge. His duty was to the future, not the past.

Only once had he stepped away from his duty, only once had killing felt sweet. That was when his blade had separated the head of the Orc leader from his body, consigning him to the world of the dead.

It hadn't helped, it hadn't changed the way things went, it hadn't stopped the feel of bitter ashes in his mouth or the tears falling. It hadn't kept Boromir from dying. Still there were times when revenge was necessary, a duty to a lost one.

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13th October 2006

Dear Mun,

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Have also emailed you, but just in case here is the link too:

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