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A perfect day? That would be a day filled with all the things that I love, the things that matter most to me.

Then it would definitely have to be a day spent out of doors, something that I used to take for granted in my Middle Earth life but that is not really a given now. And it would have to be a real out of doors, someplace where you find only trees and mountains and water.. very few people, or even better no people at all.. when you're alone, the way you relate to the natural world changes and out of human contact you attune yourself to the wilderness, your very life depending on how good you are at that.

I would follow the tracks of wild animals, knowing they will lead me to drinking water, knowing that if I will hunt them I will feed myself.

I would watch the sky change colour and let it set pace to my perfect day, ready to lie down under a canopy of dark sky and twinkling stars when the sun moves on and the night takes it place.

Then I would sleep, and let the stars watch over me.
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