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At the risk of being thought conceited, I will say that the best present I have ever given to someone is myself...

Not because I think my worth to be such that I am the most wonderful gift I could possibly give, but because I am the thing I have guarded most jealously, the one I have found it hardest to share and thus the one most precious I have to give.

I have always been a loner, few had my trust and even fewer my love, though back then I hardly knew what the word meant.

It is not easy to give yourself to someone else, but when you do it and the person who receives the gift is the right one, the gift comes back to you, and it is the best one you have ever had.
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The first time Aragorn saw the Ring was on the snows of the Caradhras: a heavy gold band on a chain, caught between the glint of snow and sun. It looked harmless, a trinket.. no more..

But even if he had never seen the One Ring before, he knew better, he felt the power it exhuded, so dark for something so bright and shiny.

His hand had gone instinctively to the hilt of his sword, before anyone moved. Every member of the Fellowship had been frozen to the spot, then Boromir had moved, had reached out for the chain holding the Ring, lifting it in the air, and the green eyes had followed the way the gold band danced in the sunlight, had smiled at it and the Ring had seemed to smile back.

Gandalf's harsh cry to give the Ring back to Frodo had unlocked the tableau, but only when the Ring was safely hidden against Frodo's skin again did Aragorn's hand leave the sword and the breath he had been holding leave his lungs.

Only his gaze remained where it had been fixed, on Boromir.
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Aragorn's fingers trace the words on the sheet of paper in front of him... Loneliness has been a constant companion to him and there was a time when words like the ones in front of him would have stung, bitterly so, like salt rubbed on an open wound.

Now... Now they're just ink, they cannot harm.. Nothing can harm him, because someone has told him
You'll never be alone again, I promise you that, ranger
and Aragorn believes that someone and would walk with him to the end of the earth and beyond.

Still the memory comes back, and in a way it is right that it should, because memories are there to remind you of what you have, and how it felt when you had nothing.


May. 8th, 2005 07:55 pm
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Trust.. What was with it? Where did it come from? Aragorn asked himself as the Fellowship followed Gandalf through the musty darkness of the halls of Moria.

They were all following Gandalf without question and it was not so much a matter of the wizard's superior knowledge but rather a matter of trust in him that had them trudging along in the echoing shadows of the deserted halls.

The same trust had brought the four hobbits to follow him out of the Prancing Pony and on the way to Rivendell. That trust had not come easy, but still the little ones had chosen to trust him and place their lives in his hands.

So why could he find no trust in himself for the warrior of Gondor? Why did he always feel the need to follow him with his eyes and move close every time he stepped near Frodo?

Boromir.. who one day would be his Steward.. a man he should trust implicitly..
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Aragorn's fingertip glides along in a reverent caress that mixes passion and tenderness. It is the touch of a lover, still it is not warm skin that he's touching right now but the steel of a blade. The finger slowly follows the pattern engraved on the blade: the sun, its rays shooting out as if to chase the shadows from every corner of the world, the crescent moon, its sweet curve welcoming and protective like the arms of a mother, and the seven stars, lighting the way and bringing the hunter hom.

The images on the steel are the same engraved in his heart, the ones that shape his heritage. As ever, he is awed by the deadly smoothness of the metal, by the way the shards of the sword that was broken have been reforged into this beauty he is holding and touching.

Narsil was said to have the light of the sun and the moon in it, Anduril has taken them and fused their light into a single flame, the Flame of the West.

Anduril is Aragorn, in a way nothing else can.
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Aragorn is stretched out on the beach. The sand is a little damp under his back, but it's soft and he's been there for a while so his body has moulded it to its shape. He does that now and then, when he feels the need to be in touch with the earth again the way he used to when living outdoors. He lies down on the ground and watches the sky, and thinks...

So many things have changed in his life, still there are others that are exactly the same.. because they're important, because they're not only a part of him, but because they're what defines him as a person, what makes him the man he is.

Truth above all, truth to himself.

Why? Because what value can you place on just about anything if you start out by telling lies to yourself, by mocking your life itself?

Still, being true to yourself means a whole lot more than those who don't live by the same rule might believe.

It can mean being ready to draw your sword on someone who is dear to you if you see the darkness lurking in his eyes.
It can mean telling a loved one that her destiny should not be with you, a mortal who would bring her death.
It can mean accepting a new world, a different world and a different life, because in there you found something you hadn't been looking for but had been missing during your whole life.
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Aragorn wrapped himself more tightly into his cloak. The chilly, damp weather was so much like his own mood that it felt like the sky itself was mourning. The sky was overcast, a livid light bathed the clump of sickly, wind-twisted larches where the three were taking some rest on their hunt for Merry and Pippin.

But Aragorn couldn’t rest, couldn’t forget..

The Lords of Gondor would walk no more together, no one would raise a call from the tower guard to warn the White City of their return... He squeezed his eyes shut to fight back the image, but it still lingered, making him roll restlessly on the hard ground.

Maybe one day he would be King of Gondor, his hair would turn grey under the winged crown.. Still.. he would be asking himself again and again the same question..

Could he have protected Boromir from falling under the spell of the Ring? Made him see it for the evil tool of darkness that it was?

Shifting in the damp folds of his cloak the ranger sighed and hid his face into his folded arm, resting his cheek against the metal of Boromir’s vanbrace, warm from the heat of his body.

He had hesitated, and now he would never know.
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It's been a while since Aragorn has looked into the packs he had with him when something.. someone.. a quirk of fate.. brought him to this place.

What he has there is not much. Though a ranger always carried with him all his possessions, what he had was admittedly very little. And in a way not really belonging to him, to Aragorn, but a part of what belonged to line he was born into, his only for his lifetime. The sword... The ring... The palantir..

So in truth the things that are truly his are just the ones he has inside him... Keen eyesight, being in tune with his surroundings, courage, loyalty.. Yes, those are truly his, as is his love, the love he has to give and the freedom to choose to whom he will give it. And, before, he never knew just how valuable a possession that is.


Feb. 14th, 2005 09:38 am
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I do have good health.. so maybe the rest is also true *g*

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I had to post it.. sorry Wepspup ;)

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Aragorn smiles at the question...

He's already living the "happily ever after", in so many ways that he sometimes thinks the life he's leading now must be charmed, or part of a dream from which he doesn't want to wake up.

Still, there is one thing that would complete this charmed life..He leans back against the tree trunk and closes his eyes.

Soon voices break the silence, a man's and a child's as they come out of the woods and join Aragorn at the campsite he's made by the fire.

The child throws himself at him and flops down by his side, chatting excitedly of tracks in the woods, of an owl sleeping on a branch and of how dad has caught six huge trouts, asking if tomorrow Aragorn will show him how to read and follow the tracks and if he thinks there will be wolves in the woods at night.

And all the while the man smiles, watching Aragorn and the child.
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From everyone

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Aragorn laughs at the question, but the laugh is a bitter one. So often he has asked himself those same questions..

He's not sure where he was born. Often he tried asking his mother things about their past, about his father, but he could see that his questions pained her and soon, with a child's instinctive secretiveness, he stopped asking her, though he never stopped asking them inside himself and he never stopped wanting the answers to those questions.

Many of those answers he had in later years, from Elrond, from Gandalf..

So he's not really interested in what's the furthest place from the one where he was born, what he'd rather know is where his birthplace was. It is likely that this world where he finds himself now is the furthest away, seeing that it is outside of Middle Earth both in terms of space and time.

No, he doesn't know how he got here. No, he doesn't know why he was brought here, though he treasures what he has found in this place. No, right now there's nowhere else he'd rather be and nowhere he wants to go back to.
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Aragorn ponders the question as he watches the smoke rise in thin tendrils from his pipe.

Yes, he believes that is possible, he knows that is possible. He only needs to think of Arwen, of how after all the ugliness and harsh words that passed between them while the wraith had taken her over she was still there for him, she was his friend when he needed one, a warm touch, loving arms, words of hope and faith.

What he is not sure of is whether that kind of friendship can exist with a woman you haven't already shared yourself with.
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Aragorn smiles and changes the subject as one of the neighbors invites them to her birthday party and makes not-so discreet inquiries as to when the ranger's birthday will be.

Later, as alone he walks on the beach, he thinks that he doesn't really know when his birth-day is. He only remembers his mother telling him that it was in the winter, that he was hope being born right when the earth was dead and the sky at its darkest.

He knows it is a tradition in this world to give gifts on the day one is born, but has not really thought about it until now.

His first thought is to wonder when his lover's birthday is and what he might like to receive on that day. He thinks of the gold still buried at the bottom of one of his Middle Earth packs and wonders how much it might cost to buy a piece of land up in the hills, in that area his lover likes so much. They could build a little place up there, just one room and a fireplace, go there now and then, maybe one day have Jed visiting and take him fishing. He could teach them to track... There would be deer, squirrels and foxes wandering around the cabin.

The beach house is lovely, it's home in a way no other place can ever be, but he misses the wilderness, the wildlife and the scent of the earth under the trees..

It would be a gift to his lover, but it would really be a gift to himself.
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Flipping through the channels with the remote, the way he's learned to do, Aragorn chances on one where a man, looking all stern and serious, points his finger at the audience accusingly and asks the weirdest questions.

Who would you like to see get their final comeuppance? Who is it and just what would you do with them? the man bellows, and the finger seems to be pointing exactly at Aragorn. He shifts in his seat and flicks the remote, nervously, until the stern-looking man is replaced by the blander image of a man and a woman kissing.

Still the question remains with him...

There were many servants of the Dark he wanted to destroy or just plain see destroyed, because at the end that's what matters.. not personal success but that what is right and good may triumph.

But one... one he wanted to destroy himself, he would leave none other that pleasure.. and he did.. and it still gives him satisfaction to think of the dark, ugly head of Lurtz rolling away from the misshapen orc body.
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Closing the door of the beach house, Aragorn smiles and leans with his back against it.

"I have a small surprise," he says, grinning at Weps. "It's something I picked up in a funny shop when we were up the coast for that job of yours. Why don't you go and start filling up the hot tub while I get it?"
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Continued from here

Looking up from the drawer where he's been stuffing t-shirts, Aragorn smiles, enjoying the sight of Weps still looking wet from his shower and with his hair all damp and spiky.

"I wonder why we bothered with ordering food," he murmurs softly walking up to him and following with a finger one of the rivulets of water running down his neck. "You look good enough to eat yourself..."
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