Dec. 4th, 2005

theranger: (ranger by azziriaicons)
It is not often that Aragorn thinks back to his days in Middle Earth, but there are times he does, times when he closes his eyes and he's brought back there, to remember the good and the bad of it.

He has no regrets... There are things he could have done, or not done, or done differently.. Things he could have said, or not said.. But no, there are no regrets. He always had a reason for what he did or didn't do, for what he said and for what he left unsaid. And there are times when words are just.. words.. a noise that lasts only a moment in the air.

There are things he could have said, maybe.
But maybe he said them all the same.. noiselessly, with his actions instead of his words, with his caring, and he thinks that maybe the ones he could have said those things to knew all the same that he cared about them.

He nods to himself.. yes, they knew.

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