Feb. 18th, 2007

theranger: (Aragorn by Liars Dance)
He has been seeing him often. But most of all he has been hearing him, a casual voice in his hear commenting on things happening, telling him what he would have done differently and what would be best that Aragorn do - for Gondor.

Urgent sometimes, warning him of dangers ahead.
Amused other times, telling him how people would read his doings and suggesting that he took a bath or trimmed his beard or untangled that rat's nest that passed for his hair.
At times telling him in a good-humoured, but stern and worried voice, that he was not taking care of himself in the right way, that he should sleep and when was it that he last killed and ate the odd rabbit that had crossed his way?
And then there was the soft, low, intimate voice that spoke to him at night, reminding him of what it felt like to be two instead of one. Sultry and wistful and filled with the knowledge that one that they would be together again.

But Boromir was there, always there with him.

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